Stiftung Warentest does away with the common cold advice

The cashier in the supermarket, coughing, Mrs sniffles, and travel in the U-Bahn is like a self-experiment in terms of “How many pathogens can to keep my immune system?” With the cold and wet weather pathogens, all viruses. They cause colds, the unpleasant symptoms: sore throat, cough, hoarseness. Also, the dreaded Influenza-influenza is triggered by viruses, albeit of a different virus.

Colloquially, the common cold is referred to as the flu infection. With a flu that has to do however nothing. The symptoms of Influenza a usually sudden as in the case of a cold. Add to that a strong feeling of illness with headache and muscle pain and high fever. Against Influenza there is a vaccine. Against cold viruses.

Adults must reckon with an average of about two to four colds a year. But what to do, if it has caught? Pain pill to swallow and off to bed? Or herbal teas to help? The experts of Stiftung Warentest checked the most common pieces of advice and explain what they are really useful and what can Affected.

Help with the common cold – these tips can you forget

The first signs of a cold, it is easy to be tempted to fight the discomfort with a pain pill. But in the opinion of Stiftung Warentest do more harm than good. The reason: At an elevated temperature of up to 38.5 degrees Celsius, the immune system is working at full speed. It save produces cells to the pathogens to thwart. “The one who takes immediately a fever-lowering drug, prevents it from doing so. The healing process can be delayed,” writes. Only from a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius, the fever should be reduced with antipyretic agents or a calf wrap.

In pharmacies, there are different combined resources, to help against cold symptoms – for example, “Wick MediNait” or “Aspirin Complex”. According to the experts of Stiftung Warentest, however, they are “no good choice”. The combination of different Wirktsoffe in the same drug to increase the risk for side effects. Better to fight symptoms such as sore throat and cough individually, especially since they usually occur simultaneously, but usually one after the other. A Scratching in the throat, for example, with sugar-free candies to relieve.

And what about the popular Vitamin C? Also the test is not a panacea. “High-dose pills do nothing, if it has caught. The body excretes excess amounts, it can not store the Vitamin.” The majority of the population was well supplied with Vitamin C. 100 milligrams of of the day should it be, a demand that can easily be with food, such as red bell peppers, and cover.

Zinc is worth a try

Only high-performance athletes and physically hard-Working to benefit the welfare of an increased supply. If you regularly take at least 200 milligrams of Vitamin C, seems to be the colds.

Some people swear by zinc to nip a cold in the Bud, or to shorten the cold time. Although there are studies, which suggest, writes. However, for a clear recommendation of the Study is not sufficient. If you want to try zinc, it can do that, though. Most likely, the attempt, if the agent is high ingested doses within 24 hours is worth it, after the first signs became apparent.

What you should do instead

The valuation of goods test shows, yet again, A panacea that makes all of the Cold symptoms disappear, does not exist. Instead of dealing with expensive Cold remedies to stock rates, the experts, the body could rest, sleep much and focus on, to fight the Symptom, the currently the most pain. Just in case of fever, it is important to drink enough. Best unsweetened teas and water.

The full list with the tested advice you can read here.