Stiftung Warentest recommends cheap discount toothpaste – the most expensive product falls through

Toothpaste should clean the teeth and at the same time against tooth decay protect. The good news of the Stiftung Warentest: The most universal tooth pastes fulfill this Job very well. 17 pastes have buttons of the product testers that is currently featured, including brand-name products, but also own-brand and discount merchandise. Of which is equal to 13 pastes with the test, and judgment on the points, “Very good”.

A wichitiges criterion during the Test, the abrasion was, because in toothpaste small plaster stuck to the body, the discoloration from tea or coffee at the best gently from the teeth to loosen. A high level of abrasion is not recommended, especially in the case of existing plaster damage or exposed tooth necks to. One of the Top toothpastes in the Test with low abrasion, the Odel-med 3 Extreme Clean is a deep cleansing (total score of 1.5). The experts at the cleaning power liked low abrasion. With 1.79 Euro, the currency is in the medium price range.

Much cheaper it is with in-house brands or discount products. And also the convince in the Test. So the dm Dontodent herbs to achieve the Bevola toothpaste herbal from the country of purchase and the Sensident toothpaste Müller respectively, with an overall grade of 1.4. The tooth pastes a grade of the product testers in the area of medium abrasion.

Toothpaste without fluoride falls through in the case of Stiftung Warentest

Was punished, the vegan, Dr. Bronner’s peppermint toothpaste for a proud nine euros per Tube, because it contains no fluoride, “the most important ingredient for caries prophylaxis,” says the Tester. “Toothpastes with fluoride are essential, because fluoride prevents dental cavities and hardens the dental enamel.”

When choosing the right toothpaste, the experts advise to focus on his individual claims. Plaster damage is already available or there are exposed tooth necks, should take the consumer to a toothpaste with low abrasion. In the case of bad breath or excessive Tartar formation, helping zinc, so the product testers.

The Test with all the details of the abrasion you get, for a fee,

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