Stomach ulcers: where are you from, and how they are treated will come

A Reflection of gastric mucosa to detect inflammation in a timely manner and the formation of ulcers and prevent cancer.

Our stomach lining is very sensitive. In the over 50-Year-olds, every Second person develops an inflammation of the stomach mucosa. Is the natural protective barrier, once breached, is digging the aggressive stomach acid deeper into the underlying layers of the skin – a crater is formed.

In fact, every tenth German in the course of his life, such a gastric or duodenal ulcer. The ulcers must not be painful. Some patients remember nothing at all, Doctors discover the mucous membrane changes, except by accident.

The Risky part is: Remain stomach ulcers undetected, threatening a Gastric perforation which can be fatal. For breakthrough pain bloody stools, bloody vomiting, or sudden, severe stomach.

Acid inhibitors and antibiotics against stomach ulcers

“Actually, stomach ulcers are rare,” explains Keikawus Arastéh from the Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum in Berlin. In stomach discomfort the patients take acid blockers. The so-called proton pump inhibitors suppress the production of stomach acid and thus prevent that a simple inflammation from becoming an ulcer.

In addition, in 1982, discovered the Australian physicians Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, that the most important cause for a stomach ulcer a simple germ is an aggressive bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Since then, the Stomach bug is to be tackled vigorously with antibiotics.

The causes are varied

A gastroscopy with tissue samples may clarify the exact causes for stomach complaints. For example, if cancer is causing the pain. Chronic gastric ulcer to become malignant only rarely, to malignant tumors, behind a non-healing gastric ulcer can hide, however, an undetected cancer of the stomach. In most cases, it is only an infection with Helicobacter. Then the doctor prescribes a combination of three antibiotics with a proton pump inhibitor. After seven days, the bacteria should be gone from the digestive tract.

Helicobacter is not the only reason for stomach ulcers. The one who takes a long time pain relievers such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Diclofenac, harms the skin of his stomach lining. Similar things can happen with too much alcohol. In five to ten percent of patients, autoimmune gastritis, in which your own body’s immune system attacks the gastric mucosa, the reason for the ulcers. The gastroscopy can also clarify the suspicion of cancer.