Stray Breast

With 29 years woman for her second birth in the delivery room. Everything is going well, even if the Baby has left in its path on the world tracks. The skin between the vagina entrance and the Anus is torn, also the right labia is a little hurt.

Unpleasant, but a routine case for Doctors in the small, regional hospital in upper Austria. About every tenth mother suffers a tear in the birth of such a Dam, every third, he needs to be sewn, so also in the woman. For a short time, everything seems normal. Four days later, however, the 29-Year-old severe pain develops in the genital area.

On the right labia she felt a hard swelling, four to five inches is the diameter. For the Doctors, the case is clear. At birth, the pathogens could be in the wound passes. Now, they believe, inflamed and pus accumulated, which can not drain.

“We had never before such a case”

The doctors decide to open the place. As you cut the labia, don’t trust them, however, the suspected pus. Instead, a lot of blood flows abnormally from the wound, the Doctors estimate the amount to about 50 milliliters. You are at a loss. You only remains, the wound re-suturing. For further investigation, they refer the woman to the University hospital in Linz.

There, a Team led by a senior physician Richard Mayer takes over the care. “We had never before such a case,” says Mayer in an interview with the MIRROR. “However, we have created relatively quickly, a suspicion.”

When the woman arrives at the clinic, has expanded the swelling to six inches. The doctors describe the place as a beaded. It is heated and is comparatively heavily supplied with blood, which speaks for the beginning of the end of infection, such as Mayer and his colleagues in the journal “Obstetrics & Gynecology” signs. The woman has extreme pain.

In the interview, you told that you suffered from after your first birth under similar complaints. At that time swelled the Vulva on both sides. After a few days, in which the Bodies absonderten slightly milky liquid, disappearing the problems, however. This Time was on the fourth day after birth, on both sides of the Vulva a bit of liquid, and is reported by the patient. Then she did something Unusual.

“The woman has tasted the Secretions,” says Mayer. “The sweet taste reminds you of mother’s milk.” For the Doctors, it is a crucial note: In the body of the woman could have tissue lost. In some people developed chest tissue in Places it is not nature intended. The physician will order further investigations and will be able to find.

Engorgement of the external genitalia

“We have seen in the ultrasound mammary-like tissue, as it is in the breast is typical,” says Mayer. Before the pregnancies had made the wrong accreted tissue is never felt. The hormones of the pregnancy have stimulated it to produce milk.

At one point, one of the passages leads to the surface of the skin. Theoretically, there could be flow of milk. The Problem is that The Doctors in the regional hospital sewed up the place, as you have supplied the injury. “The woman had a engorgement on the outer Genital,” says Mayer.

The Doctors remove the threads, quickly, the pain to leave. There are signs of an infection, the woman takes antibiotics, she also gets a pain reliever. Within the following two weeks, the swelling disappears, five weeks after the birth, the mother’s milk dries up in the lost tissue is completely.

“That wasn’t really much, just a few droplets,” says Mayer. “The beauty is that in spite of the complaints of the Silent normal work.”

Breast cancer of the Vulva

Incorrectly applied the breast tissue is innate, it arises from errors during embryonic development. Often, the lost tissue is located along the so-called milk bar, a structure that forms in all mammals at the beginning of their growth in the mother’s abdomen and from the armpit up to the top pulling legs. Since the person needs only two Breasts, and he has a majority again.

There are errors in this process, can grow in the extreme case, additional, complete Breasts with nipples and atrial. Much more often, however, third nipples, or form only as in the case of the woman – extra breast glandular tissue without nipple. “What we see in the clinic often, in the armpits, the after birth swelling, because they make milk,” says Mayer. “Because, it advises in the rule of the Cool”.

As in the case of the milk outlet, however, is unusual. In addition, the tissue outside the milk bar, the ends on the inner thigh. “This shows that from scattered Embryonic cells, breast tissue, theoretically anywhere in the body can occur,” says Mayer.

The Problem: Incorrectly-scale breast glandular tissue poses a greater risk to degenerate. “There are cases of breast cancer of the Vulva,” explains Mayer. In order to avert the danger, would have to be removed the tissue. “The patient this would mean that we would have to have a plastic surgery a large part of the Vulva,” says Mayer. So far, such an intervention is not planned. Instead, the 29-Year-old is now regularly being in a breast centre of excellence, in order to monitor the stray Points.