Super heroes make us helpful

Super heroes are very brave and for others. Many of the people they serve as a moral role model and seem to motivate them to help others also: pictures of super heroes, led a new study suggests that increasingly social Thinking and behavior.

People were shown pictures of superheroes, were more likely to have the intention to help others than people who had only seen neutral images. This is a first Experiment showed, with 245 persons. The active helpfulness was tested in a second experiment, with 123 participants: A Superman Poster on a wall changed not only the good intentions of the test persons, but did you also significantly more likely to help without consideration in the case of a laborious task.

"These experiments show how even a subtle activation by visual images of superheroes with good intentions and the actual helpfulness of helpers can influence,” says Dr. Jeffrey D. Green, Virginia Commonwealth University, who carried out the investigation together with colleagues from his University and Hope College in the USA. "Heroes play a large role in morality. They embody often the virtues that we want to live. When subtle images trigger of heroes such positive behavior, they could inspire about the examined in this study social behavior hinauszugehen&quot ways;, includes Green.

Superheroes play in our culture a major role. They are available in many forms, real or fictitious. There is little realistic figures are more frequently imitated, the scientists investigated the effect of images of fictional heroes such as Superman or Spiderman.