The best thing was to breathe again: Italy Patient 1 is healthy again

He is the first Italian, in the case of the Coronavirus was detected: Mattia from Codogno. If he was the one who brought the Virus into the country, it is unclear, “Patient 0” is in Italy, is an Unknown.

But Mattia is just one of Thousands that have been infected in the North of Italy with Corona. Although the young man is not one with his 38 years and a fit General condition, in fact, the at-risk group, caught him by the disease violently. So violently that he had to in the meantime be even intubated.


Italy quarantined: Wait, this nightmare ends

Now Mattia is able to breathe independently again and was discharged from the hospital. His message to his countrymen: Take this disease seriously!

18 Days ICU

It was the middle of February, as Mattia felt for the first Time, sick. With the classic flu-like symptoms, he went to the hospital. You rejected him at first – it was only when his state of health deteriorated massively and he was again in the clinic approached, took him. That was on 19. February. Nevertheless, it took several days until he was tested on Covid-19. Time, in the Mattia probably numerous other his pregnant wife, several Doctors and nurses infected – including.

Mattia, it went progressively worse. Although he is an Amateur marathon runner and generally a very fit impression, had to fight his body hard with the Virus. Finally, he was transferred to a larger hospital in Pavia. He came to the ICU and had to be ventilated for several days artificially. On 9. March made his lungs to breathe again.

"We and Corona"

"A curfew has Nebenwirkungen"

Now Mattia has been released, he is healthy again. In an Interview with local news portal “Lombardia Notizie” he said, as he has the disease experienced. “It is reports difficult for me to what to me everything is happening,” the 38-Year-old. “I can’t remember the stay in the hospital. 18 days I was in intensive care and then on the ward for infectious diseases,” he said in an Interview. Only he’s got a resume started “contact with the real world”. And that he had experienced “the most beautiful thing ever”: to be able to breathe again.

“Learn from my experience”

Now the 38-Year-old appealed to his compatriots: “I was lucky because I was treated. […] But now it was in comparison to the time I was hospitalized, there may be no Doctors available.” Therefore, he called on all Italians to “Learn from my experience. Remains in the home.” The only way the Virus could be contained.

Mattias appeal also underlined by the President of the Lombardy Region , Attilio Fontana: “you Stay at home, it is the only way to prevent the spread of infection.” Fontana warned that the Situation in the hospitals could come to a head in the next few days: “One day there are no more beds for all the sick, just as Mattia says.”

Italy suffers from a particularly severe among Corona-pandemic

Italy reported until Wednesday afternoon around 70,000 Infected and nearly 7000 Dead. No other country in Europe has so far been affected so hard by the Coronavirus. Experts fear that the situation could worsen in the next few weeks even.

Fear of the second Corona-shaft

Why are the infection numbers in Italy now, really could rise

There is a second wave of Infection in the South is threatening, where the people were previously some of which are less obvious, and the strict rules of the government have not yet all followed.

After surviving the infection, only one thing counts for Mattia, however, is: “I want to forget this tragic experience, and return to normalcy.”

Sources: “Lombardia Notizie”, Johns Hopkins University, news Agency ANSA

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