The Diets Lie

A lot of meat, cream and cheese, and hardly any bread, and potatoes – this meal plan is to leave after the Atkins diet, which has struck mainly in the United States as a nutritional Hype big waves, the extra pounds without a lot of effort are tumbling. Diet however, experts warn of the numerous risks to health. The whole-grain bread, fruit and vegetables, as well as a lot of movement, there is, in their opinion, no Alternative.

Prominent followers of the diet according to the cardiologist Robert Atkins to be the slender movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts. After the worldwide million copies sold, diet counselors from Atkins all foods are allowed, in which fat and protein is present, are forbidden, at least for a time, those with lots of carbohydrates, such as potatoes, bread and pasta, but also fruit and many vegetables.

Demonization of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates include fat and protein are the main components of our food and are used by the body for short term energy production. The body needs no energy, it converts the carbohydrates to fat. In addition to the Atkins diet there are other diets that recommend the consumption of little carbohydrates, such as the South Beach, Hollywood Star-, Mayo – or Logi diet. After the low carbohydrate eating, you will be called “Low Carb diets”, from the English word for carbohydrate, and carbohydrate.

Even the theory of evolution is trying to promote the diets. While meat and fish were always on the menu of the people, came carbohydrate food such as cereals and potatoes to add rich until later, explain the Low-Carb followers. And indeed, several studies showed that a low-carbohydrate diet fast to lose weight than with a low-fat. After one year, the weight-adjusted values for the two comparison groups. Nevertheless, a positive effect on certain heart risk factors are indicated.

Risk of cardiovascular disease in “Low-Carb”diet

The Bulk of the nutrition scientists in Germany remains skeptical. The increased fat intake mountain risks, especially for people with heart and circulatory diseases, Pregnant women and the Elderly, because the fat could clog arteries. The high protein intake should also be for people with kidney and liver problems, concern, gout could be worse. Apart from this, headaches, muscle cramps, halitosis, and Nausea could occur.

Scientists and experts criticise the fact that due to the strict distinction between the allowed (fat and/or protein-rich) and forbidden (carbohydrate-rich to be pre-programmed) foods in the diets of relapses and rule violations. A long-term conversion of dietary and way of life, as it is to permanent weight loss is necessary, don’t be out of reach.

“Low-Carb”hysteria in super markets and Fast Food chains

In the USA, grass is a rule explicit rights of “Low-Carb hysteria,” millions of Americans swear on a reduced carbohydrate intake. Also, the U.S. food industry has long since jumped on the train and fills the supermarket shelves with products with few carbohydrates as you did before, just with a low – fat, “Light” or fat-free “No-fat”foods. Fast-Food chains advertise with low-carb Offerings such as the Big Mäc without a bun.

Nevertheless, The German society for nutrition (DGE) remains in its recommendations for a balanced diet and a reduction in the carbohydrate intake is not necessary. To avoid Obesity, or reduce, should be the diet, therefore, rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber and low in fat, especially animal fats. One should not forget the daily and sufficient exercise to compensate for the energy balance.

According to the DGE, you should be eating every day 30 grams of fiber. In addition, plenty of sourced energy from complex carbohydrates, found in bread, pasta, rice and cereal flakes – all made of full-grain, and in vegetables, fruit and potatoes. In addition, a stand – up twice a week and fish on the dining plan. Meat and sausage should not be more than consumed 300 to 600 grams per week. White meat poultry is preferable to red meat (beef, pork), so the DGE. A low-fat diet should come, and if, then it should come as often as possible from sea fish or rapeseed and walnut oil with Omega-3 fatty acids, the heart and circulation protect. The recommendations of the DGE for fat consumption, however, are for some time, controversial.

The expert advises

Dagmar von Cramm nutrition scientist (Dipl. oec. troph) and works as a Food journalist. She has written numerous books on the subject of healthy eating, including “family in the Form of vegetarian” by Stiftung Warentest. Here you answered questions about on the topic of “Low-Carb”.

From an extreme Low-Carb approach Dagmer von Cramm advises, and recommends, instead, a balanced diet plan with vegetables, proteins, berries, legumes and whole-grain products, also known as “Slow Carbs”.

Mrs. v. Cramm, with Low-Carb dieting?

Those who eat protein rich and fiber rich, stays fuller for longer. Thus, vegetables, whole grains, curd, fish and meat. Protein also has a specific dynamic effect. That is, the body consumes energy to mine it. There are many signs that suggest that a moderate Low-Carb approach to losing weight. However, it also applies here: he Who eats to much and to many calories absorb, not to take this diet style. Therefore, the quantity and quality of fats keep in mind.

For whom the Low-Carb approach is not suitable at all?

People who love Pasta, bread, and Sweet, will do with a low-carbohydrate diet-style is difficult. Who eats constantly against his preferences, can not hold in the long term. In addition, there are health restrictions: people with gout or kidney problems should better not go on Low-Carb. In healthy people there are no problems.

Some people who eat Low-Carb, complaining of malaise. Is this normal?

This can happen and depends on how extreme you had changed his diet-style. Digestion can be a little carrier, which contributes to the discomfort. But with exercise, Drinking sufficient liquids and fiber from vegetables and whole-grain in the handle.

Guess which diet you?

I would advise to all-natural food: vegetables, fish, meat, milk, curd, fruits, berries, and legumes and whole grain products. Useful so-called Slow Carbs, as they are stuck in whole-grain products. They saturate for a long time because they are broken down in digestion slowly, and the blood sugar level not to rise rapidly. In return, finished products and highly processed foods should be avoided: cakes, gummy bears, pastries, Pizza, or ice cream.

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