The Federal Council allowed HIV self-tests

If you want to know whether he has been infected with HIV, must, in the future, go more to the doctor or a counselling centre. The Federal Council approved on Friday the lifting of the restrictions, the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) had brought the project to the way.

In the future, HIV will be to acquire self-tests, not only in pharmacies but also in drugstores and on the Internet. In other countries, HIV Tests are already been freely available, the world health organization recommends this for 2016.

“We are making a further important contribution in the fight against HIV and Aids,” said health Minister Spahn. “Because the sooner those Affected by HIV know infection, the sooner your treatment can begin.” And who was unsure of whether or not an infection exists, the wool certainty. “With the release for Sale of HIV self-testing, we support people who want to leave without a doctor’s advice on HIV testing.”

Positive result, even though no infection is present

The German Aids-help has welcomed the decision of the Federal Council. The self-test will prevent a number of Aids diseases and HIV infections, said the organization. The free availability of lowering the threshold so more people will enable early diagnosis and thus a treatment. In the case of a successful therapy, HIV is no longer be transferable.

According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute, around 84,000 people living with HIV in Germany. A good 13,000 did not know but that they had been infected.

Users of the self-test should note that these can only exclude twelve weeks after a possible Transfer of a HIV-infection, informs the Deutsche Aids-Hilfe. On the result of “HIV-negative” can you leave so only three months after the last risk of Transmission.

The Tests are also very sensitive and could also show a positive result when no infection is present. The Test indicates an HIV infection, you need to be Concerned, let this, therefore, by a further laboratory test to confirm. This confirmation test may, for example, a doctor. Affected can also contact the Board of health or a Checkpoint of AIDS. Only when this Test shows a positive result of an HIV infection.

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