The seven most common misconceptions about depression

Of enlightenment. Although Depression is a serious disease, and much of it is reported that there are still many misconceptions about it in the circulation and persist. The major attention for the death of the national soccer goalkeeper Robert Enke has changed ten years ago, little genig. As before, concealment Affected you would rather Suffer and try to keep it a secret, what is the lack of understanding promotes on the part of relatives and friends just. These are the most important mistakes and misunderstandings.

1. A Depression is not a real disease

A mood of deep is not to be compared with a real Depression, but for many people, is difficult for precisely this separation. Each time depressed, sad or unmotivated, because he is overworked. Or worse, the Job or a related Person has lost. However, most people think: I pull myself together and not let me hang, why the other this can? This is a possible reason for this is that Depression is often not taken seriously.

And yet it is a real disease. “Depression is a disease that can also occur largely independent of external factors, and although each time”, says Ulrich Hegerl, a psychiatrist and Chairman of the Foundation German depression aid. That is to say: even in people that do well, living in a happy partnership or professionally successful. “It has a lot to do with predisposition to. If you have this predisposition, the risk is very high in this particular state into a slide.”

It can then be a trigger, this does not have to be the real reason. “Rather, the problems in life are perceived in a Depression, enlarged,” says Hegerl. The criticism hit a to the heart, and you have the feeling to be worthless. The back would be interpreted the pain as a sign that you’ll end up in a wheelchair. “In such a condition, it assumes the problems aside create. However, this is often not the point. The Depression is treated, the Patient is, for example, the Stress at work as what it is: as part of the ordinary and often difficult life.”

2. A Depression hits, only weak people

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Depressed people, only those who are mentally unstable or weak, or let go are not. “On the contrary, Often there are even more people who tend to be conscientious, to take responsibility, to be there for others, the service providers are in a company,” says Hegerl. But this is not a Must. Anyone can loose: the Successful and the Success, the Industrious and the Lazy, the Brave and the Fearful, the follows any rule.

3. Depression occur more and more frequently

In recent years, there has been a lot of reporting on this topic, many celebrities commented on, because they themselves were affected, therefore, this impression could arise. But it is not the case. “Looking at the entire population, not to take the depression,” says Hegerl. “What is increasing, the number of people who get help, and the number of Physicians who recognize Depression as such – it is hidden behind physical complaints, such as chronic back pain, and the like.” That is to say, more and more people today receive an appropriate diagnosis of as, perhaps, a few years ago.

And the values according to Hegerl positive: “Since the 80s has reduced the number of suicides from 18,000 to 10,000 cases, that is, today, the life per day 20 people less than 30 years ago. This is a sensational progress, because the most common cause of suicide depression is still.”

4. Once depressed, always depressed

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Also, the assumption that Depression is not curable is widely used. Whom it has once caught, the’ll never get out of the spiral, the Belief of many people. That is not true. “Depressive episodes are treatable, Affected to be completely healthy and productive,” says Hegerl. In some people an increased risk of permanent, though, to slip, possibly in the later course of life again in such an Episode, especially if the disease remain untreated. “The predisposition is an important point, these can be acquired or be genetic,” says the psychiatrist. It is all the more important that those Affected deal with the disease, information and to the experts in their own thing.

5. Antidepressants are addictive

80 percent of the population believe that antidepressants are addictive. This is the result of a survey conducted by the Foundation German depression aid. But that is not true. “There is no increase in the Dose and no drug black market for antidepressants,” says psychiatrist Hegerl. “Antidepressants do not high, but act specifically against functional processes in the brain that are disturbed in Depression.” Depending on other psychotropic drugs such as sleeping or sedative powers, that will not often distinguished, should not be confused with it but.

Antidepressants are not meant for short-term use, perhaps the misconception stems from. You don’t act immediately, on the contrary: It takes one to two weeks, to Affected first improvement notice. An improvement occurs, the Patient, the means for at least four to six months. Then the doctor and Patient need to decide whether the drug is taken or stopped – not abruptly, but slowly. Doctors call bodies that have exclusive.

6. Antidepressants change personality

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This is also a widespread fear of many people: that antidepressants change your personality and you lose your autonomy. But that is not true. Rather, it was the Depression that lead to serious changes in the Experience and behaviour of the person Concerned. “If people are treated with antidepressants, they often say: ‘Now I’m back to how I know myself’,” says Hegerl.

7. Depressive need to sleep it off on time

Depression is associated with fatigue and a feeling of being Burnt out-Being in connection. Since it is natural to think Concerned would need to recover really, really sleep in. How strange it seems that in hospitals, of all things, sleep deprivation is used as an effective measure.

“People with Depression have the desire to sleep deeply and in the Morning refreshed to Wake up,” says Hegerl. “That’s why you go to bed earlier, stay longer.” But that cannot be a part of the vicious circle, because you really come to rest. Amazing way to bring sleep deprivation and 60 percent of the patients improvements, abrupt, and have shown numerous studies. In practice, it looks like this: The patient does not go either to bed, or be woken up around midnight and stay the night awake, watching films, talking or playing Board games. “In the early hours of the morning you may notice an improvement, have the energy,” says Hegerl. “The Problem is, however, that the depression will return with the next sleep again.” You can repeat this action after a few days, a total of two to three Times. It is only a supportive method.

The psychiatrist recommends his patients to keep a sleep diary. In it you: How long was I in bed? When am I up? How was the mood in the Morning? “Patients realize often that you are in the morning, worse if they were longer in the bed. And if you have the strength, you can go specifically back to bed later and later, get up earlier.” Many patients will help the. A possible explanation for this is: “In a Depression, the inner tension is very high, the brain is in a constant state of alarm. Sleep deprivation and sports to counteract the because it strengthens the sleepy-making processes in the brain.”

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