These dangers threaten children today

Today, children born around the world have a higher life expectancy and are healthier than in the past three decades. This was the result of a report from the children’s Fund, Unicef, for the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on children’s rights. However, this is true primarily for children from wealthy families.

Unicef Executive Director Henrietta Fore said that in addition to the ongoing challenges in the areas of health, nutrition and education to children today, with new threats such as climate change, online abuse and cyber bullying to deal with it.

In the report, the worldwide mortality rate of children under five years of age was decreased compared to 1989 by about 60 percent. More children were in primary schools, and the rights of the child have influenced the laws in many countries.

Small children in poor households at a disadvantage

However, progress has not been evenly distributed and In developing and emerging countries are dying twice keep so many under five years old from poor households as more affluent households.

Only half of the children in countries South of the Sahara had been vaccinated against measles, in contrast to 85 percent of children in prosperous countries. In addition, some of the girls were exposed to even greater risk, to be even as a child, married, as in the year 1989.

According to Unicef, children are at greatest risk from the effects of the climate crisis: “Due to the rapid changes in the climate, disease spread, and extreme weather events are piling up, and food and water to the insecure, Well,” – said in the report. Fore called for “Innovation, new technologies, political will and more resources,” to improve the lives of young people.