This house plant cleans the air

Dust and allergens are captured by the air cleaning filters, but what about harmful substances that pass through such Devices without a problem? Researchers have developed an indoor plant, which can make these substances harmless.

A typical indoor plant, Pothos, has been modified by researchers at the University of Washington genetically so that you can remove Chloroform, and benzene from ambient air. The modified plants will make both of these toxins are harmless and use them for your growth. The harmful Chloroform emitted from chlorinated water. Benzene is contained to be carcinogenic, and, for example, in gasoline, while Smoking cigarettes, benzene is released in small quantities.

In an attempt not more showed that the modified Plant had been removed after three days already, 82 percent of the Chloroform from the ambient air, after six days it was undetectable. Benzene was reduced slightly slower: After eight days, the concentration in the air had fallen to 75 percent.

Our liver is in position, Chloroform and benzene, to reduce, however little, helps if you pick up the materials on the air. The researchers have now, so to speak, a "green Leber" created, which can take on this task. For this, they have introduced a Gene from the rabbit in the Plant. The whole process took two years, because the scientists wanted to use a Plant that is popular as a houseplant, and selected the Pothos. Now you try to optimize the Plant so that they can also reduce formaldehyde in larger quantities.


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