This is Brooklyn, this Video shows how to match a forklift truck to be transported away

“This is real. It is real. This is Brooklyn.”

This Video has been circulating in the social networks and to show how in New York the bodies to be transported with a forklift. A member of the city Council, Joe Borelli, will share the Video on Twitter. Within a day, recording over 3.5 million calls recorded.

A second Video is to show similar images outside of Maimonides hospital in the city.

“More bodies, more corpses. This is the Truck that we, the bodies need to store.”

The authenticity of the recordings has not yet been confirmed by the hospitals, but a comparison with images from Google Maps shows that it is in the places, in fact, facilities in Brooklyn.

25. In March, the news website Politico reported that the morgues in the city have reached their capacity. Refrigeration truck houses are ready for the expected high number of deaths outside of New York Sick.

With over 33,000 reported cases and more than 770 dead and the metropolis has become the international epicenter of the Coronavirus.