Traffic: mobile without a car

What to do when driving a car and Cycle unmöpossible &ndash is; and the Bus and train offer miserable? Tips on how to still selbstäfully can move

In the city of f&uuml is;many people without a car the ölinks to the public transport Lösung, the country genühe doesn’t gt often

When the legs cannot do it any more. Or the knee protested with every step. The other, is dependent on a wheelchair, missing, increasingly, the power in the arms to vorwärtszukommen. Sometimes it is a heart or lung suffering that brings people to tens of meters distance to the wheezing.

Then a danger, the medical professionals and psychologists appeared for a long time as banal threatens: the Rot in the own four Wä.

Stay mobile, in order to maintain social contacts

If the view from the window is the only contact with the Außis world, life brings nothing New außhe the TV program, when contacts ab­break, boredom, and loneliness lay like a grey veil üabout life.

Loneliness can be a ­psychological torment. And not only that, as Finnish researchers of a new study show that Lonely people have häsingle-stage high blood pressure, more prone to obesity and suffer in the result of this is significantly öfter a heart attack or stroke.

Do not be Shy in front of the Rollator

Sure, there are öthe public transport network, some services or Bürgerbusse and usually helpful related. But sometimes the station is just too far away.And not everyone wants to.every Time the son or daughter as a taxi driver bem&uuml…hen, if he wants to change back to human beings again. Natüof course, the children don’t always have time.

Für people, the selbststäfully life and flexible in the house want to leave, however, there are also other options. The simplest is a Rollator. He gehört today to Straßenbild, so that no one is more schämen must, the used. He stüsupports people with unsteady gait, preserved from Stüyou gain and also allowed a break sometimes, when the legs are in pain. Füthe cost comes when needed the cash.

Selbststäfully without a car – a Üoverview üon the special mobile. Please tap " ", the various Möopportunities to call



From the wheelchair to the electric vehicle

An electric wheelchair is füthose people thought that a hand-operated because of a disability not move köcan. He’s supposed to, so the tools directory of health insurance companies, the progressive movement at home and in the "The close proximity of the Wohnung" ermöaligned. If the Fund does not pay: Simple models are füto have r less than 2000 euros, für other köcan 5000 Euro fädigit.

Für the Kostenüacquisition of electric vehicles the funds to put the Hüauthorities still hö. "It is a Rest to Geh­fäability to erforderlich", a spokeswoman says. On the other hand, this residual may not be as groß be a Walker of the question käme. Who here at the time of checkout on resistance stößt, must bear the costs himself, if he wants to reach about the regulars and the friends in another part of the city. The prices are comparable with those of an electric wheelchair.

Gedrosseltes car für people with Rollerfülicense

The "luxuriöseste" Variant is a lightweight car, throttled To a speed of 45 km/h. it is about 8500 Euro. Dafür the registers do not come. It is a request for the statutory accident insurance is worthwhile only if a disability is present, an accident at work or an occupational disease ­zurüwho goes. In this case, the accident insurance is also für "Services to Mobilität" zustäfully.

Most people drive such a vehicle, no Autofüdriving license (more) erläa spokesman for the ADAC explained. Because it genügt the 2013 eingefürigidity class, popularly scooter Fülicense called. You should safety but for the sake not busy Straßen use.

Mobilität helps to stay mentally active

No matter what the Mobilitäts-Alternatives: All mean a way out of loneliness to ent­flee and the Selbststäto get resistance. The Mobile help necessary Einkäto make ufe or a visit to the doctor. They facilitate the maintenance of contacts. And you ermöaligned with it, to learn something New.

This in turn reduces the risk of dementia: "Whether it’s Board games, cook, play a musical instrument, a language lernen", Verkehrs&shy judge;­psychologist Professor Wolfgang almost Meier: "Everything that calls for the head, helps the mental Leistungsfäto get ability." And it prevents loneliness.

Free Transport

  • Severely disabled ­People unable to walk, helpless, gehörlos or blind d&uuml, ;may buses, Straßenbahnen, U – and S-Bahn ­as well as Nahverkehrszüge train-free of charge. Your grün-orange-ID enthält the marks G, aG, H, Gl, or Bl.
  • A contribution of 80 Euro jäa year f&auml is, however,;completely – but not für the blind, ­hilf­loose and low-income people. Against this Gebühr will output a value brand.
  • An accompanying person may take, who the classification B in the severely handicapped trägt.  
  • The blind and außergewösimilar to mobility-impaired people köcan ­­Behindertenparkplätze use when behind the windshield of a corresponding Parking pass.

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