US-immunologist is likely to be of quick help for Corona patients

The blood of people who have survived a Covid-19-disease, could play a crucial role in the development of a treatment by Corona patients. While around the globe in the development of a vaccine is being worked on, the US immunologist Arturo Casadevall to gain by using antibodies obtained from the blood Genesener, Corona-Affected and at-risk people faster to assistance or protection. While it will take several months before a vaccine against the Coronavirus is ready for use, could be an anti-body method in a few weeks.

Of these, Casadevall and his colleague, Liise-anne Pirofski of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, at least according to how they write in the journal “Journal of Clinical Investigation”. A prerequisite is that those who have survived an infection, have actually developed antibodies against Sars-CoV-2 immune – at least for a certain period of time. And one must assume quite. “It would be highly unusual if you could suffer after such a short interval after a surviving a second infection with a new. That would surprise me very much,” said the düsseldorf-based virologist Ortwin Adams, the “Frankfurter Rundschau”.

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Antibodies even earlier in use

Specifically, it is injected in the so-called passive antibody therapy, blood and plasma of Recovering other people to provide you with short term protection. The method is not new, on the contrary. It dates back to the late 19th century. Century and was also used in the past, when epidemics are already successful. Outbreaks of measles, Polio, and Mumps could be in the last century stemmed. Even during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918/19, as well as in younger epidemics such as Ebola in West Africa (2013) and Mers in the Middle East (2012) were achieved with success. The latter was also to the family of corona viruses.

“To put this opportunity available, does not require research or development,” emphasized Johns Hopkins immunologist Arturo Casadevall. “It could be deployed within a couple of weeks, since it is based on the standard practices of the blood Bank.” Required numerous blood donations from people who have recovered from the weaknesses through your donation, your own immunity again, however, such as Barbara Bialucha-fog, a senior physician in the Kirchberg-Klinik in Bad Lauterberg against the Swiss Portal “ ch” concerns. No one can be forced in addition to the donation. Nevertheless, after months of the pandemic, especially in China, already thousands of Corona-convalescents, whose blood comes to the production of antibodies in question. There is already declined since mid-February, Recovering, the blood and the Treatment used, apparently with success.

News of the Coronavirus

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Anti-body therapy in spite of everything, still experimental

“Clinical studies have shown that the Plasma-Infusion is safe and effective,” said Sun Yanrong from the Biological centre of the Ministry of science and technology in February of the first to Be made. A Patient had already been able to a week after an anti-body injection leave the hospital; others would slowly recover. Experiences that support the treatment approach of Casadevall and Pirofski.

Although passive antibody therapy has been used as described already for over 100 years, epidemics again and again, successfully, is not you come out of the experimental stage, so far, completely also. After the Waning of the respective excitation wave slack in the interest of the researchers, apparently, all over again. The reason for this may be that Plasma transfusions are significantly more expensive than vaccination. For the treatment of large volumes of people, a huge effort would be needed.


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Medical personnel are on the Coronavirus protect

Nevertheless, according to Arturo Casadevall a use of the antibody therapy against the currently rampant could be the end of Coronavirus useful. For example, by employing you, the Doctors and hospital staff, to diseases and, therefore, the brechnen of the health staff to prevent. “Since we are in the midst of a global pandemic, we recommend the institutions, the emergency, to consider use,” write the Johns Hopkins researchers in their journal articles. And the medical press on the Tube. You should begin as soon as possible with the preparations, because time is now a crucial factor.

Time would also come to those who feverishly to develop a vaccine against Sars-CoV-2 work, such as the tübingen-based CureVac. Because a vaccination is not a substitute for blood plasma method is only due to the high logistical effort. There is a crucial difference: Is used to set the treatment with convalescent Plasma, the Immunity against the respective Virus with the time. In the case of a vaccination, but, the body begins to produce antibodies. Only in this way, so we could withstand in the future, all the Virus that is currently taking the world to a standstill.

Sources: Johns Hopkins University, “Journal of Clinical Investigation”, “”, “”, “Frankfurter Rundschau”, news Agency AFP

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