Vitamin K protects health in old age

Vitamin K could be for seniors for a longer and healthier life: An American study shows that adults had a higher Vitamin K levels in the blood within a period of 13 years, a lower risk of premature death than those with a low value.

Researchers from Tufts University in Massachusetts have considered under nearly 4,000 study participants aged 54 to 76 the risk for heart disease and death in the pendency of your Vitamin K level. They found that the mortality rate for persons with very low values was increased within the age of 13 to 19 percent. The results are in the journal "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" read.

Vitamin K is found in leafy vegetables such as lettuce, Kale and spinach, and in vegetable Oils, especially canola and soybean oil. The Vitamin keeps the blood vessels healthy by protecting walls before the accumulation of calcium in the arteries. Nephrologist Dr. Daniel Weiner compares the process with rubber bands, over the years, is porous and its elasticity lose: "When veins and arteries are calcified, blood flows less efficiently, and causes a variety of complications." The researchers assume on the basis of their results, that a sufficient level of Vitamin K Status, protects the health of the elderly.

A connection between the Vitamin K level and cardiovascular disease was from the study, however, do not recognize. Also study, the observation does not imply that too little Vitamin K was the cause for the higher death rate. This needs to be confirmed by further investigations.