With the 5-point Plan you can perform at a high level, when others go into retirement

Friedrich Merz is only a year younger than Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, he acts as a representative of a younger Generation. Two health experts tell stay how it is possible with a holistic Lifestyle approach, with 60plus despite continuous stress efficiently.

BMW is for the senior Management with 60-circuit, Siemens sends its executives with a 63 in the pension – in the economy, the personnel is often regarded as very early as being too old for leadership tasks. In politics, this is something different – and so no one really speaks about the 63 years that has reached Friedrich Merz, if he could be selected at the CDU party Congress in December, the new party Chairman – and then you can jump into the Chancellery.

In fact, it’s the once a know that is just a year younger than Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel you can see the wear and tear by the responsible office and the grueling political operation in the meantime. Merz, the agile hobby pilot, the big company is so far as a lawyer and the Supervisory Board, international on-the-go, acts like the representative of a younger Generation.

Fit with 60 plus an overall concept will remain

FOCUS Online has interviewed two experts on how anyone can get through the constant stress of a demanding job at an age when other squint on the pension: health coach Michael Despeghel and the prevention of physicians Udo Beckenbauer. The conclusion: Five points can help to make the demanding life in the top positions will go to the substance, especially in an age when the body signals more and more often break.

1. Self-determination as a Motivation

Who starts again on the right, can only be convinced with full force, if he pursues a subject, he puts himself and his own objectives, Internist Beckenbauer. He coached at two locations in Munich and Rottach-Egern many of our senior managers, whose appointment calendar leaves little room for leisure, recreation, and leisure.

2. Disciplined self-organization in everyday life

Who constant stress and extremely high workload to be exposed, once again, needs to know his body and know how healthy he is. He has to estimate, according to Beckenbauer on his state of Fitness correctly, and individual take into account vulnerabilities.

  • Thorough Check-ups provide the basic information, from which individual rules are derived.
  • The good life organization, a by belongs to thought, well-balanced diet.
  • And this includes, necessarily, to get the individual needs adequate sleep.

The international active health coach Michael Despeghel also provides a structured life style, as the be-all and end-all of a healthy life on the professional fast Lane. This includes adequate sleep without disturbances. Shortly before the interview with FOCUS Online, the 58-year-old sports scientist has just returned from a previous day trip to South Africa – “with a delay”. The effects of the gruelling long-distance travel, he still feel nothing. “I’m fit, because I hold myself to the life style rules, and after a stressful night the day with a high quality protein Drink to start.”

3. Sports

The most important is, according to Beckenbauer, to ensure a strong and healthy heart-circulatory-System – for three to five times per week, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, it must be time. At peak performance, it is not Running, Swimming, Cycling.

Despeghel, is even convinced, a minimum of twice 20 minutes of cardio and strength training per week would be sufficient.

4. Regular Recovery Phases

A four-week annual holiday is less important than in one day in the week and clear my head, to take care of private interests and family. Who does that in a beautiful natural environment can help prevent Burnout, at best.

5. Health-tools needed

Except for the permanent intake of Vitamin D supplements in the meantime can be displayed, such as Melatonin to combat jet lag. A fast, Detox or Ayurveda treatment can do to prevention physicians Beckenbauer, according to good. But Such support should not be the Basis for Fitness and health. Who organizes his life well, not needed.

In addition, Despeghel calls for a dietary Supplement. “You can find 67 parameters in the blood, the determine the optimum performance.” If there is a defect, it should be eliminated. The ortho-molecular medicine, dedicated to the demand-oriented supply of nutrients, should therefore Supplement the usual health Check-ups. “One of the top executives of over 60 lose 35 percent of their normal power of the past. To avoid this, everyone should customize over 40 of his Lifestyle.“ On this count, too, on an individually tailored diet with protein, fiber and is a lot of vegetables.

With protein, Vitamin D and B vitamins are also politicians, managers and others could refresh sessions in top positions after a stressful Night. “You have to take the Regeneration as seriously as athletes, after you have given everything.”