Women are not allowed to have an abortion, it’s five years later, worse than women who aborted have

For years, abortion advocates and abortion opponents argue around the world about whether or not abortions cause women serious health and psychological damage. Now, the first long-term study, which was published on the subject. The result: women who had been denied an abortion, was it five years later worse than women who had an abortion. The have found out by researchers at the University of California.

For the study, they examined 3000 women who had informed themselves in the period from 2008 to 2010 in 30 different clinics in the USA over abortion. The researchers interviewed each woman to be your health, your mental health and your weight. 558 of which they observed over a period of five years. 163 of all the women studied had a child, because they had been denied an abortion.

The results: The women who had inadvertently discharged a child, suffered more often in States of chronic fear and a generally worse state of health than those who had an abortion.

Researchers: abortion for the health less risky than a birth

The researchers discovered something Disturbing: Of the women who were held against their will, a child who died at birth more than usual. “The fact that women die when they give birth, is very unlikely. The risk lies in the USA at around 0.1 percent. However, in this study, 1.2 percent of the women died,” said the study’s lead author Lauren Ralph of the Daily Mail.

The researchers, therefore, and due to the health consequences of an unwanted pregnancy that abortion is associated with less risk than a birth. “The Argument that abortions for women a pity that our data does not hold,” said Ralph, the “Time”. “The results of the study show the consequences if we deny women access to abortions.”

The USA have legalized abortions, actually, in 1973. However, the Supreme court acknowledged the individual States to adopt additional regulations. Of these, more and more States currently use.

But also in European countries, the situation is not better. In Germany abortion with the consent of the Pregnant woman and a doctor are allowed though. However, in Italy about 70 per cent of the gynecologists currently opposed to, and anesthesiologists have an abortion, such as the “Tagesschau” reported. And in Poland, abortion is allowed only if the woman was raped or her life is in danger.

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