X – and O-legs: follow-on damages avoid

Many people have X or O-legs. This is zunäfirst of all, no Problem. However, the failure osteoarthritis beg&uuml can;other

X – and O-legs köcan be congenital, but also due to the life style in the course of time, arise

Fußshooting have O-legs. Now it is proven. MüMunich doctors have künewly heraus­found that intense Fußball play in the youth leaning Extremitäten at least begüsupports. To do this, they analyzed several studies on the topic and veröpublished their results in the German Ärzteblatt. The authors, led by Dr. Peter ­Helmut Thaller showed that young people who very much played – a study gave as a guideline, more than six hours per week to –, später a erhöreported an increased risk für O-legs.

Impact of the Hobby on the legs

But not only Fußball players can suffer this fate, other sports seem to be the deformity to föpromote, for example, Tennis, Jogging, Volley – and Basketball, as well as Dance. This shows a öAustrian – Belgian study in the journal International Orthopaedics with a total of 564 boys and 444 Mägirl.

The researchers suggest that the high level of strain on the growth plates in the NäHey of the knee joint and prevent the bone gleichmäßig in the HöHey grow. This is especially true in the case of "High-­Impact"-Sports, the high Stoßloads very on joints and muscles.

In addition, köcan the differently highly stressed and ausgepräoblique muscles Axis misalignments cause. To draw a imaginäre line of the HüRTD to the hock, should be the center of the knee joint also on this line. "It deviates by more than three to four degrees to the außor indoor, we speak of O – or X-Beinen", the Orthopäde and trauma surgeon, Professor Karl-Dieter Heller, chief doctor of the Orthop&auml says;Jewish hospital the-Duchess-Elisabeth-Hospital in Brunswick.

Grow up with crooked legs

On the sport the new scientific findings, however, are not ütransferred. Who doesn’t übermäßig is trained, the Sport as a Hobby, you must not füfear, thus, the bone deform. However, there are other causes für X – and O-legs, injuries for example.

In the toddler age, most of them had even us crooked legs. The ermöallows the first steps to a wider, and thus safer levels and wäfrom the first time.

Individual Joke Feel

Even in adulthood O – or X-legs won’t be a Problem – unless the person in Question stört to the optic. To complaints füthe bug is not hrt position anyway. However, you can have long-term health consequences. You begüsupports osteoarthritis in the knees. By the one-sided load außen or inner wear of the cartilage in the joint faster, in the worst case, rubs eventually bone on bone.

However, osteoarthritis does not cause zwangsläfrequently pain. "There are quite silence Verläufe", Karl-Dieter Heller says. Dr. Matthias Säugling, Orthopäde and trauma surgeon in Köln, and the team doctor of the Kölner ice hockey club KEC, reported: "I know a couple of Fußball players of früwith O-legs and osteoarthritis, for which I think you düare likely to hardly k&ouml run;can. You stört the Situation but not."

Measures against X – and O-legs

Shoes to adapt: the so-Called Inner or Außenranderhöhungen in the footwear or as insoles also help the knee to straighten

Orthotics: Special rails köcan help to correct misalignment of the knee, and to reduce complaints

Muscles kräbusy: Not only krästrong muscles around the knee, but also well-trained Thighs to stabilize the knees and legs

Knee surgery: the Case of the so-called inversion-OP at O-legs, the Shin bone augesägt, splayed, and with a special plate fixed

Reduce weight: On the knees, attributed to already of normal weight for movement to a multiple of the Köof the body weight. Therefore, you should lose weight with knee problems

Just as there are patients with relatively little Verschleiß, the high level of pressure.

Pain prevention and cure

Pain in a knee osteoarthritis, especially when the mucus entz&uuml skin;NDS that covers the joint from the inside. Affected köcan do a lot of things to counter it. Surgery is always the last Option. "Many patients come in the medium term, very well with conventional treatment methods klar", stresses Säugling.

The best means: the muscles build up and get – not only around the knee, but also to HüRTD and thighs. "This works well with physiotherapy and a Bicycle, wherein a cyclic, round movements in the foreground stehen", S&auml says;ugling. It ge&shy go;nerell, Stabilitäto create t in the legs. Also &Uuml help, for example;exercises with Gummibächange that with your own Köbody weight works.

Remedy by medication, deposits and rails

Pain prevent the patient from moving, köcan medication help. Specialist Brighter rät to anti-inflammatory Drugs. The painkillers, which also Entzündungen relieve, there are over-the-counter in the pharmacy. Für continuous use, you are ­however, not thought. Patients should – without ämedical Council – not läViking use, as in the package leaflet is recommended.

A try it is also, crooked legs, with insoles, adapted footwear or a brace to compensate. However, some of the tools has disadvantages. The complaints are aggravated by deposits häoften only once. "An acute Ütransition provides zunäfirst of all, always a burden für the ­­Patients dar", Brighter says. Schließlich müjoints, B&auml down;, Tendons and muscles in the unfamiliar position adjust.

Cash üdoes not cover any therapy

Better experience many Ädoctors with splints (orthoses), the inclined legs a little straighten out. Orthopäde Säugling, for example, used the tool, some people as a preparation for an Operation – to test whether the intervention will really help. Some of his patients kämen then with the Track so well that you again without the discomfort of a Tennis köcould.

Some Orthopäthe and sports physicians also have syringes with Hyaluronsäure in the offer or in the self-blood therapy. This f&uuml be;r-healing processes that are helpful components from the blood is extracted and injected. Who wants to try, needs to know that The funds üaccept the cost dafür not. Although smaller studies indicate that blood components may reduce injection pain.

Strong weight to avoid Training to adjust

And what köcan people do the X or O-legs have – but so far no knee problems? In particular, you should not try to bring too much on the scale. Already of normal weight, the Kr&auml are;RTD is enormous, the impact on the knee joint. "As a multiple of the K&ouml comes;body weight an", Brighter says. The joints are preloaded by the Leg deformity already, can Üthe mountain-weight of the Verschleiß zusäin addition föpromote.

What young professional Fußshoot to help in spe, O-legs to counter from the outset, experts discuss currently. One approach: The children and young people köcould the äußthe thigh muscles of eren to the gym more, and the inner more stretch. The latter are in Fußball players are particularly strong ausgeprägt. The füleads to an imbalance in the legs.

The authors in the German Ärzteblatt recommend custom footwear and custom Trainingsintensität. Say: less kick than six hours per week. Für small Fußball fans maybe unpleasant, but füyour legs probably gesü. Especially für your knee.

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