Yale scientists decipher Immune-code of the brain – which can help against tumors

Our brain has special barriers that protects it against the Ingress of dangerous substances. Scientists have now managed to overcome these natural barriers. Thus, an immune therapy against brain tumors is possible.

The brain is a kind of fortress, which is equipped with barriers to disease to keep pathogens and other foreign substances. This defence also works against the body’s own immune system, enabling physicians increasingly in the fight against cancer. Against brain tumors, the most aggressive and usually fatal glioblastoma, seemed to be an immune therapy so far, therefore, hopeless.

Researchers at Yale University have found a way to bypass the defenses of the brain. You used for the disposal system and injected immune cells to the diseased brain cells.

  • Immunotherapy may beat cancer and is more effective than Chemo

Growth factor as an aid against brain tumors

The brain has no direct way to dispose of cell waste. However, the tiny vessels that line the Inside of the skull, collect tissue waste and dispose of via the body’s lymphatic system. These vessels are formed shortly after birth, driven in part by the growth factor VEGF-C. in addition to the growth of blood VEGF vessels-C, especially for the growth of lymphatic vessels responsible.

The Team led by Akiko Iwasaki, a Professor of Immuno-, Molecular-, cell – and developmental biology at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute examined the following questions:

VEGF-C is the immune response increase if lymphatic drainage is increased? Can VEGF-C are used for the attack on Glioblastoma by the immune system? And finally, Would act as the drainage system injected VEGF-C specifically on brain tumours?

Immunotherapy for glioblastoma: VEGF-C plus Checkpoint inhibitors

The Team introduced VEGF-C in the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) of mice with glioblastoma and observed an increased T-cell response to the tumors in the brain. In combination with Checkpoint inhibitors, which are often used in the immune therapy, prolonged VEGF-C treatment, the Survival of the mice significantly. In other words, The Infiltration of VEGF-C in combination with cancer immune therapeutics, was obviously sufficient to combat brain tumors.

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  • “These results are remarkable,” says Iwasaki in the journal “Nature” published a study. “We now want to apply this treatment in glioblastoma patients. The forecast for the current surgical and chemotherapeutic therapies is still very grim.“

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