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NOTE: This post is sent without the speaker’s text. O-Ton Markus Söder, Minister-President of Bavaria: “First of all, quite clear: The number of infections continues to rise, unfortunately the number of dead. Since yesterday, we are now on 31, the are now four more. Overall, it is so that the number of infections is still high, 6.362 cases it is now according to our state health Agency, as of 10 PM. It continues to grow, that is to say, the situation still remains very, very seriously. There are no grounds for complacency, but there is more occasion to discipline and consistency. We are very pleased that the step that Bayern has made, even now, in the whole of Germany. There was the debate about the speed of the action. We couldn’t have the responsibility to decide later. I think that we, we alone could prevent with the decision, the weekend is already included in these restrictions, a variety of infections, maybe even death. We make us have huge Concerns about the economic challenge. This is perhaps the most Central test for all of our prosperity. Many of them are, I believe, is not even aware of what a challenge…, the enterprises had to close now, the shops know it, but in many other areas, is as yet considered. We also believe that this could go on for longer than the challenge that we have, for example, in Medical.”