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Although, in the meantime, more and more people from Covid-19 recover infect when new, the Robert-Koch-Institute (RK) no clear. According to RKI-President Lothar Wieler said in Berlin on Tuesday: “we Currently estimate the number of genes send to Germany to 33.300. This is a pleasing number. The number of newly submitted cases is somewhat lower. A General relaxation but it can not be assumed. Variations are always possible. I would ask you to note. We have to wait for the next few days, whether the messages are a Trend.” The infection rate was last located between 1.2 and 1.5, so Wieler. Statistically, that means that an Infected 1.2 to 1.5 additional people are infected. On Tuesday, the number of infections had risen to well-3800 and is now at almost 100,000. The number of dead rose to 173 in 1607. On the question of intensive care beds in Germany Wieler said that the capacity was sufficient at present. A forecast he could not give.