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“Whether it’s from solo play or with a partner, sexual pleasure has benefits for mental clarity, concentration, stress relief, and so much more,” she wrote in a recent blog post. “Unfortunately, there are still barriers to sexual pleasure, particularly for women: shame, cultural conditioning, lack of good sex ed, and a pronounced orgasm gap among heterosexual couples.”

So far, so true. But what can we do to change this exactly?

“Talk about it, better communication between partners, getting comfortable with asking questions, learning to ask for what we want—and sometimes taking things into your own hands.”

Enter, her top sex toy picks for internal and external stimulation. Cheers, Gwyn!

Best Clitoral Vibrators:


This oval-shaped vibrator fits perfectly into your hand. It’s soft and super-bendy, has five different patterns, five different intensities, and is completely waterproof so you can use it virtually anywhere.”


“It’s an air-pulsing clitoral vibrator that: feels a lot like oral sex. You just turn it on, place the stimulation head over the clitoris to form a seal, and let it do its thing. The vibrator is waterproof, ergonomically designed, has an autopilot mode to keep things surprising, and is made with “smart silence” technology. So it only switches on when in contact with your skin—and shuts off if you need to set it aside.”


Wands provide a more rumbly, powerful external vibration, which is good for those who need more stimulation to get off. But the issue with most traditional wands is that they need to be plugged into a wall (which limits your range of motion), plus they’re usually heavy and huge. Enter Le Wand Petite: It has all the same power in a smaller size that’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, and it has a flexible neck that bends along with your movements.”


“Bonjour, monsieur. The Frenchman’s unique shape—note the thin, flexible end—mimics gentle oral stimulation. And its easy, one-button design, four speeds, and two pulsation modes make for an ideally customisable experience.”

Best Vaginal And Dual-Stimulation Vibrators:


If you’re curious about internal stimulation, this is the vibrator for you. Its angled, rounded head slips comfortably inside you. And the two pulsation modes are designed with maximum pleasure in mind. It’s super soft to the touch, so also works for an external massage, or a gentle build-up. And it’s waterproof so it can accompany you on adventures from bed to bath.”


“Made for those building up their self-love practice, this silicone vibrator is designed to complement natural internal pressure points. The Romantic’s powerful motor sits at its head,  so it brings its four speeds and three pulsation patterns right where they feel best.”


A rabbit-shaped vibrator that is the product of smart design: Nova’s long head is firm, which feels great internally, and the short head is bendy, moving comfortably with your body to keep contact with your clitoris as you explore different levels of penetration. Each head has its own motor, and you can control their intensities independently. And while Nova was originally made for solo play, it’s just as good with a partner. You can operate Nova remotely over wifi with the We-Connect app, which means you can use it long distance if your partner isn’t in the room with you.”


“Made with Dame’s strongest motor yet, Arc is designed for exploring what feels good for you. Its vibrations can be enjoyed internally by inserting the curved length into your vagina or externally using the squishy, bulb-shaped head. It has five speeds and five different vibrations patterns, and it’s waterproof, rechargeable, and made from medical-grade silicone.”

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