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Every beginning is difficult: This applies also-and especially-when you lose weight – finally, it is only once prior to a big change.

If you would like to lose 20 or more pounds, first, the question of how to get started in order to successfully and sustainably lose weight.

Thus, the first step is a success, you should consider these tips.

1. All the time

Before you change their diet, you should keep in mind that a large weight loss takes time.

To want to each week a number of kilos, is utopian, instead, there will be times, in which the weight is stagnating. But that is no reason to worry, but quite normal.

To internalize this, it helps to give the process of transformation, the needed time.

The same also applies to the own diet habits, therefore, one should plan the diet from the outset as a life-long change.

Today morning had a miracle happen eventually. You should not therefore try to change all habits at once – otherwise, to an insatiable Desire.

2. Not in Numbers, think

The scale shows the same weight as last week? The should not care for in a bad mood, but the incentive for a new thinking pattern.

You have all the Numbers, you run the risk of the weight loss program hastily cancel.

Picture gallery: Successfully removed! Stars in the Before-and-After comparison

Helpful it can be to focus on positive things and keep the goal in view, to so what you want to achieve with weight loss to feel, for example, easier and more efficient.

This positive approach is motivated in addition.

3. Preparation is half the battle

For a healthy, lower calorie diet, you need to say goodbye – at least largely – from the beloved frozen French fries or pizzas, unfortunately.

Instead, healthy foods should be the focus. Often a change in Diet fails, but in the absence of fruit, vegetables and water.

Two servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables (400g) should it be daily, recommends the German nutrition society (DGE).

Therefore, there should always be enough fresh ingredients on stock at home for the quickly perishable vegetables in a stock are also a tiegekühlten products can be a good substitute.

4. The size is critical

The success depends not only on the right food, but also of the serving size. To lose long term weight, you should reduce the quantity of meals.

Fruit and vegetables as well as whole grain products should dominate the plate.

Anyone who finds it difficult to decide how much you can really eat, can have an individual diet plan.

5. Full-grain fed

In the case of the restructuring of the food ballast are material-rich food is particularly important. These are not only no longer tired, but verosren the body with important nutrients.

Particularly well intact are full of grains, for example oats, amaranth or Quinoa.

6. Error allow

After a stressful day a lot has gone wrong, you want to reward yourself often with food, but if the plate is empty, he is a symbol of your own weakness.

These bad thoughts should be, however, no room for small mistakes happen to everyone. It is important to get back on the right track and the Diet to promote.

7. Recovery helps you lose weight

Stress and lack of sleep are strongly connected to how much you eat. You sleep uneasy, and less than seven hours per night, you tend Naschattacken rather, as a study by the University of Cologne showed.

When losing weight, relaxation, and restful sleep are essential.


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