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To stay at home, as far as it goes: This is currently the most important tip, everyone in the fight against the Coronavirus should follow.

The idea is that The less contact people have, the lower the risk of further spread of the Virus Sars-CoV-2.

Especially larger people are taboo collections therefore. Too close personal contacts can be the Problem.

The main rules for Social Distancing from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) at a Glance:

  • Contacts reduce without strict Isolation or quarantine, there are enough ways to contact me other to a Minimum please. Who can and may, working in the home office. Appointments with friends, Relatives and Acquaintances, you should cancel, large birthday or wedding parties, if possible, move. And the private car and Bicycle are currently better means of transportation than Bus and train.

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  • Plenty of distance: the Whole of the contact with other people can certainly not avoid, be it for professional or for private reasons. The RKI advises to restrict this to a few and known persons so that infections can be tracked. Additional precautions apply: at least, better two meters at a distance and on all greeting rituals such as handshakes and hugs without. And, of course, is always true: consistently washing your hands!
  • Anti-cyclically go out – or not: Who can help it, don’t go shopping at peak times, but exactly when supermarkets or pharmacies are more likely to be empty. Of Visits to Restaurants and Cafés, the BZgA advises against in General. Increasingly such places are closed anyway. The same is true for all public places with crowds of people, from the sports – or Playground to the shopping centre.
  • Vulnerable support: Human contacts to avoid this is even more true for people who belong to the risk groups, especially for the Elderly and the chronically Ill. At the same time they are restricted in their freedom of movement at the most. Who can, should offer you his help, for shopping and errands about. By phone and door-to-door delivery can be, even without a personal meeting to organize.
  • Fresh air: sunlight and oxygen are more important. Finally, the physical and also important mental health benefit. The virologist Christian Drosten recommends, therefore, to go further out into the open only with caution. “It is not so that you can go walking, if you encounter infected,” he said on Friday (13. March) in his NDR Podcast. The RKI recommends you do not also walks. Also common are still possible – but at a distance.

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