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In Munich, the largest study on the spread of the Coronavirus in Germany begins on Sunday. Because experts from different areas and also the Bavarian police are involved.

In a large-scale field research is to find out how much the Virus has already spread and how fast and in what pattern the Virus from an Infected to the next. The findings could decisively help to understand the disease and curb.

Study in Bavaria to provide evidence for the whole of Germany

The survey conducted by the so-called Munich cohort to be. A group of researchers will visit, therefore, as of the weekend, approximately 3000 randomly selected households, to testing, such as Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced in Munich on Friday, along with the researchers involved. Be accompanied by the specialists of police officers. There is currently a lot of scammers are around the corona virus active is to make the presence of the officials it clear that the researchers are not frauds. The take part in the study should be voluntary, as Söder. Nevertheless, he campaigned with the help of the population.

The beginning of the wave in Germany

Corona-Hotspot Heinsberg – how is the people there today?

The investigation was comparable, but greater than in North Rhine-Westphalia, County Heinsberg current study, led by the Prime Minister more. The majority of the infections had been due to a singular event. In Bavaria, however, there is indiscriminate infections, therefore, the state is much more representative of the spread of the Virus. In addition, the study takes in Bavaria for much longer: It was “a project that will deliver in a few days, first results, but a year is created.”

“If we want to understand the spread of Corona in the population, then it’s a question of days”

The study also Michael Hölscher, Director of the tropical Institute of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU) is involved. He referred on Friday to the big dark figure in the Infected. A “significant number” of Corona-Ill picture hardly any symptoms, so Hölscher. You have many of them at the LMU nevertheless identify on the basis of corresponding concessions.

The number of unreported cases of infections in Bavaria, spent according to Hölscher in 1 to 10 percent of the population. “No one knows how far Corona has already spread. No one knows when the epidemic comes to a halt,” says Hölscher. This is only the case if 60 to 70 percent of the people infected. “If we want to understand the spread of Corona in the population, then it’s a question of days,” says Hölscher.

Therefore, the large-scale field research. Each randomly Selected would be asked to take a blood sample, said Hölscher. Per sample, only three milliliters of blood would have to be made. The blood will then be tested for antibodies. Has a human antibodies against Sars-CoV-2 in the blood, or he was affected by an infection. Hoelscher said he expect that the results of the study are for the research of the disease can be used throughout Germany.

Prime Minister Markus Söder: “hold out is worth it”

The Virologist Ulrike Protzer is involved in the study. You said on Friday, once again, the speed with which the Virus is rampant: “We have seen the Situation in Italy and expected. We were nine days behind it. It was terrifying,” said Prancer. Therefore, it was important “to act quickly.” Still Bayern is in a Phase of exponential growth, even if the curve is levelling off slowly.


Researchers calculate the end of the epidemic in Italy – what does that mean for Germany?

Prime Minister Söder reiterated that the measures taken against the spread of Coronavirus to begin work. “The curve flattens out easily,” said Söder. In addition, a positive Trend in the doubling of the numbers of the Infected had seen. Meanwhile, the number of people Infected to double about every six to nine days. At the beginning, it had been two to three days. This is a positive sign, said Söder. But: There is no reason to sound the all-clear. “Hold out is worth it.”

The Virologist Protzer confirmed: Due to the imposed strict rules in Germany, probably up to a Million Corona-related deaths had been prevented, the expert.

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