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Welding is troublesome and sweaty skin dries out quickly. But the worst possible solution is to give the sweat no room.

Skin care should not apply athletes, therefore, directly before the workout, but for some time already, previously, explained skin doctor Sven Hawerkamp in the ‘apotheken Umschau’ (output B01/20). Otherwise, the pores would be sealed.

Deodorants are allowed, but should not contain any aluminum salts, since these can irritate the skin. Sports clothing should be breathable and not too tight.

For functional textiles, for example, from Merino wool to provide wool, silk or synthetic fiber blends.

Alone sweat

And after sports in the shower? Absolutely. However, not immediately. It is important to have the circuit shut down, and the post-waiting for the jokes.

Then the gentle cleansing follows. Best with a product with a pH-value of 5, advises the skin doctor.

After the shower, sportsmen can use the lotion with a skin milk, Lotion or Oil, depending on skin type.

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