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Olivia Wilde and her two kids are getting merry in the most magical way of all: Spending a day at Disneyland during the most wonderful time of year.

The actress and director documented their Mickey Mouse-themed excursion and shared a rare glimpse of her littles — daughter Daisy, 6, and son Otis, 8 — walking down Main Street, bundled up against the faux snow. She also shared a photo of herself riding a carousel, looking absolutely gleeful, along with a photo of herself enjoying a lollipop, and a video of herself joyfully swaying on Main Street as her kids walk around her. If Disney needed a poster child for their “happiest place on earth” marketing efforts, Wilde is their gal.

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The Don’t Worry Darling director captioned the series of photos, “Bury me under space mountain this is my favorite place on earth. #disneylandchristmas #disneylandholidays #churros #churros #churros #churros.” Something tells us the churros may have something to do with her love for the theme park.

Wilde shares Otis and Daisy with her ex-fiancé and fellow actor, Jason Sudeikis. The couple called it quits in 2020 after a 7-year engagement and have had a rocky co-parenting relationship in the nearly three years following their split. Both Wilde and Sudeikis shield their kids from the public eye, rarely sharing photos of them to protect their privacy.

Wilde frustratingly debunked public commentary about her lack of presence as a mom during a conversation with Elle, saying, “If I’m photographed not with my kids, people assume I have abandoned them, like my kids are just somewhere in a hot car without me.” She continued, “You know why you don’t see me with my kids? Because I don’t let them get photographed. Do you know the lengths that I go to to protect my kids from being seen by you?”

She’s just another famous parent who maintains that you don’t need to parade your kids on social media to prove you’re a present parent — if anything, being present with them in reality rather than feining presence online is the more commendable method.

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