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Start the day right: Maybe this time with a protein-rich, vegan Breakfast?

I am at the moment on this quickly-made vegan scrambled eggs out of Tofu – super juicy, spicy and really easy to prepare.

For me, scrambled Tofu is a nice change of pace and a real eye candy for a Sunday brunch or Brinner – maybe for you as an idea for the weekend.

You need not much: Tofu, soy milk, mustard, and spices such as Kala Namak salt, the vegan makes scrambled eggs really “real scrambled eggs” are.

The perfect vegan scrambled eggs

There is a need for a few simple Tricks to perfect the vegan scrambled Tofu.

Particularly important is the ratio of the liquid and the Tofu is to make it deliciously juicy.

The Golden-yellow color, as you know from the classic scrambled eggs Egg-based, take care of the ground turmeric and brings a few health benefits to a vegan dish.

Kala Namak – the main ingredient

In addition to Tofu, the Kala Namak salt is the main ingredient.

This salt, also black salt, is as a component of numerous Ayurvedic dishes with a traditional spice of Indian cuisine. Due to the sulphur content (of course, harmless to health) remember the taste of hard-boiled eggs.

Therefore, under us vegans a popular “Egg substitute”. It is usually in the health food store or health food store available, and it tastes really convincing – in a very natural way.

Kala Namak is not working only with Tofu, but also, for example, to Avocado, vegan eggs or pasta salad. It is also very economical, so that the search of the salt is definitely worth it!

Recipe for vegan scrambled eggs with Tofu

The Best vegan tastes like scrambled eggs served fresh from the pan.

You can spice it up with parsley or chives, or Fry with Zucchini or sun-dried tomatoes.

The scrambled Tofu can be pur served with more vegetables then it is suitable for a ketogenic diet. Or you combine it with a slice of bread or a Bagel. As you like it.

A lot of fun Trying.

Recipe: vegan scrambled eggs with Tofu

Bagel with Tofu Scramble

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