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For the past one week, the giant cruise ship “Diamond Princess” is the port of the Japanese city of millions Yokohama quarantine. A passenger, who had traveled with the luxury liner from Yokohama to Hong Kong, had been tested after his trip positive for the novel Coronavirus. After the return of the ship to Yokohama on 5. February, passengers and crew had been examined for symptoms. In the case of ten people, the Test for the Virus was positive, as the shipping company Princess Cruises reported.

Since then, a total of 174 people were on Board the “Diamond Princess” with Covid-19, as the Virus that has officially infected. 40 of these cases were confirmed in the night to Wednesday. Including a Japanese employees of the health authorities, such as the shipping company and Japanese media reports. Four passengers had serious symptoms, according to the newspaper “Asahi Shimbun”. Those who tested positive, were taken to hospitals.

Frustration among the passengers, wide

Of the approximately 3700 people on Board, 493 people have been tested according to the newspaper previously to the Virus. The government of Japan is considering to let all the people on the ship test. In the beginning, the Ministry limited the testing only to those persons, the symptoms, such as fever, exhibited as well as those in close contact with the Infected had.

Due to the increasing number of Infected and the quarantine of the media spread reports of on-Board dissatisfaction and fear. A group of passengers had turned in a letter to the Ministry of health. In the Letter they call for, among other things, better communication to the wishes and needs of passengers and carry on.

Banners were attached to the Deck of the “Diamond Princess”

On the Board wall of the “Diamond Princess” had been suspended, there appeared to be a passengers ‘ Banner, on which, among other things, “Help us read” was, according to the newspaper “Mainichi Shimbun” reported. Passengers would complain about lack of information and lack of Hygiene, the newspaper writes further. For example, the cabins would be, and the bed linen was not changed cleaned. Most of the time should people spend in their cabins. According to the shipping company Princess Cruises, have been provided after the beginning of the quarantine, among other new TV channels, movies, Newspapers, and games, to “your comfort and your well-being,” sure.

Medical care on Board, apparently not enough

Also in the case of medical care, it should hook. A passenger of the news Agency, Kyodo, said: “We do not get full medical care, although there are many people whose health is deteriorating.” There are 29 Doctors, 18 nurses, and twelve pharmacist on Board, the “Asahi Shimbun” are. There is a lack of medicines. The Ministry of health was, according to the newspaper, enough medication available to treat approximately 1250 people against Diabetes, heart disease and other diseases. There is no medicine for 600 people were missing but still.

"Diamond Princess" under quarantine

Because Coronavirus is stranded: a couple of wine by drone to the ship, deliver

Meanwhile, the Japanese health was considering the Ministry, that one of the older passengers with pre-existing conditions before the end of the quarantine on the 19. February Board let, reported Kyodo. More than 80 percent of the passengers were over 60 years old.

Also, the crew members were under enormous pressure, said Sho Takahashi, a Professor at the medical faculty of the University of Tsukuba. They were exposed to double Stress, because you take care of both the passengers as well as the fear of the Virus would carry, he said, the “Japan Times”. Frustration of the passengers could be discharged to the crew. Passengers have reported that the staff was “exhausted”.

Coronavirus: the mass testing for all?

A salvation for the many passengers and crew members on Board could be a faster test for all. However, such mass testing would be a logistical challenge. The Ministry of health reported that too many people were on Board, as the “Asahi Shimbun” reported. The Ministry had asked the state and municipal health institutions as well as private testing companies, and University hospitals, to check whether it is possible to set up a System that everyone on Board the ship quickly tested, could be.

According to the Ministry of the 1500 people could be tested in a single day if all the test would be used devices of the National Institute for infectious diseases and regional health institutions. However, the cost would be high, as a Ministry employee, the “Asahi Shimbun” said: “The Tests in the case of private companies, cost much. Regional and municipal health institutions have little experience with the Testing of this new Coronavirus. I’m not sure whether it is possible to test so many people.”

Yoshiaki Katsuda, a Professor at the University of Kansai fears: “It would consume a lot of Test-Kits, which means that we are in the case of a further outbreak in Japan may be able to act quickly.” Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged that the government would test the capacity of the Virus – currently, a maximum of 300 per day – up to 18. February to over 1000 increase, reported Kyodo.

Sources: “Asahi Shimbun”, “Mainichi Shimbun”, Kyodo news Agency, “The Japan Times”, NHK, Princess Cruises

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