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Regular training breaks such as ensuring that the body is relaxed. On the contrary, Rest Days, the muscle growth even further.

In fact, our muscles grow during rest periods and not during active training. In the training days, the muscles get used to the new stress and become stronger.

Also, breaks are important in order for the muscles to recuperate and find new strength to draw from. However, not only muscles, but also Tendons and ligaments need time to regenerate.

Overtraining is counterproductive

Who trained almost every day, runs the risk that the energy and the Motivation to subside.

And more still: “To a lot of sports in combination with too little regeneration phases can lead to Overtraining and performance decrease,” says exercise scientist Professor Kuno Hottenrott.

Other symptoms may be constant fatigue, listlessness to Depression and an increased or very low heart rate.

Muscles grow in the training breaks

Breaks are mandatory if you are to increase his power and the muscle to promote growth.

Strength athletes, remember the following regeneration periods can of course vary in individual cases:

  • Power training, or Plyometrics – Untrained: 96 hours, Trained: 72 hours.
  • Hypertrophy or max strength training – Untrained: 72 hours Trained: 36 hours.
  • Strength Endurance Training– Untrained: 48 Hours Trained: 24 Hours.

Generally speaking, the Workout, the longer the recovery period, the following applies: The more intense.

You feel cut off you on the third day and feel muscle soreness, are the signs that your body, or at least the claimed muscle groups need more recovery.

So you can use the rest days effectively

Complete on sports you don’t have to refrain, during the Regeneration, however. Many strength athletes put to rest and the promotion of mobility on Yoga or Mobility Training.

Also popular are so-called Split-plans. That is, the body is divided into different muscle groups.

You train in a day your legs are on the following days, for example, arms and chest to the series.

In General, it is advisable, particularly when strength training, every eight to twelve weeks to get a training break of a week or so. In this time, it’s really time feet up and do nothing!

Julia Are

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