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Whole workforces to work because of the Coronavirus currently in the home office. Also when it comes to so many ergonomically questionable workplace to pain, experts give the all-clear.

“You need have no fear of a permanent organic damage to the spine injury, just because you are currently in an absolutely unique exception to this situation is not the ideal job in the home office,” says Bernd Kladny, Deputy Secretary-General of the German society for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery (DGOU).

Also, with permanent damage to the eyes is not to be expected, says Horst Helbig, an expert of the German Ophthalmological society.

Instead of sitting as usual at an ergonomic workplace, must take some employees for now, with the kitchen table, children’s Desk or other temporaries as a Desk stuck.

Even Ironing boards serve now as jobs. Also, the chairs accordingly, it is often not the recommended Ideal.

The home office is also a mental challenge

But not only unsuitable as a workplace is a Problem. Right now, in the uncertain time of Stress, Worry and tension could make for increased pain, Kladny.

“Pain perception is a complex Happen. Also the social environment and the Psyche have a significant impact on it,” said the medical specialist for Orthopaedics and accident surgery.

No permanent damage through the home office

It is also likely to increase as a result of unfavourable light conditions and distances to the screens for many people, the strain on the eyes.

“If you look very hard, you have a rare blink. As a result, the eyes are dry,” reports Horst Helbig, Director of the clinic and polyclinic for ophthalmology at the University hospital Regensburg.

Dry, tired and reddened eyes are already a Problem in screen-based work. Under unfavorable conditions, it could increase. Helbig, however, thought that a few weeks home-based work “do not cause any permanent damage to eyes”.

Wiebke Arps from the health management of the techniker Krankenkasse currently sees the Corona-prevention as a priority: “contacts avoid, and where it is possible to stay at home, is the need of the hour to protect your health and that of others in the best way possible,” she says.

With views of the back pain, it recommends motion compensation. “There are many ways that anyone can implement. It is, for example, the Phone in the Stand, or Go, or the deliberate walk in the evening,” says Arps.

According to Kladny also so-called active Sitting is important, so regular change of position.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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