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Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It recharges your body and mind and will help you feel prepared and alert for your day. Not to mention, it also is one of the most vital things to keep your immune system strong and healthy. To make that happen as the parent of a newborn, a bedside bassinet will save the day. By having your baby within arms reach while you’re sleeping, you can avoid having to get up and go across the room to tend to them in the middle of the night. Plus, they can see you and have comfort knowing you’re right next to them.

Every parent’s needs are different, so you’ll want to consider what’s best for you and your baby when you’re picking out the best bedside bassinet for your family. If you travel often, you’ll most likely want to have a portable bedside sleeper that you can easily bring with you wherever you go.  Because all beds vary in height, it’s a must to have a bedside sleeper that’s adjustable, so it will be the same height as your bed. You’ll also want to look at the materials to ensure it’s safe and comfortable for your little one. Below, we’ve rounded up the best bedside sleepers so you can finally get that restful sleep you deserve.

1. Baby Delight Dreamer Bassinet

As the parent of a newborn, you’re never going to stay in just one place all day. The same applies to your sleeping routine as you’ll need to soothe them where it is most comfortable for both of you. When it comes to your bedtime routine, there’s a good chance you could get some more shut eye. This best bedside sleeper will help you achieve that so you can easily have your eyes on your baby without having to get out of bed. It’s also super portable so you can carry it around to other bedrooms as needed or when you’re traveling.

2. Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

If you’re looking for a multifunctional bedside sleeper, this two-in-one version should meet your needs. Use it as a traditional bedside sleeper at night and during the day, it easily transitions into a standalone sleeper to use for daytime naps. With seven height positions, you can easily adjust it to the exact height of your bed. It’s also extremely easy to attach to your bed, so you can quickly attach and disassemble as needed. This bed is suitable from birth to five months old.

3. Milliard Bedside Sleeper

With a newborn, accidents and spills are just another part of your daily life. With this best bedside sleeper, spills will be no match thanks to the waterproof mattress encasement. Best of all, it features two modes. Use it at nighttime as a bedside sleeper or as a standalone bed during the day for nap time. It also has built-in pockets so you can have essentials like wipes and diapers at the ready. You’ll have no trouble adjusting it to the height of your bed with its adjustable heights.

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