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Have only just agreed the Federation and the Länder on a kind of emergency brake for the infection to happen, and the serious case occurs. On Friday, three places, tear in Germany, the upper limit for new infections: The district of Greiz, in Thuringia, Coesfeld, in North Rhine-was-Westphalia, and the circle stone castle in Schleswig-Holstein. What is happening now?

The most important questions and answers about Corona emergency brake

How does the upper limit?

If there is in rural districts or district-free cities within seven days of 50 new infections per 100,000 population, to ensure the countries that “immediately a consequent restriction of the concept of” developed – as German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Minister this week have agreed.

And if the outbreak is only limited to a local area?

“In a localized and clearly delineated infection happen, for example, in an institution, you can include this Restriction only of this facility.” This could mean, for example, that a home for the elderly is isolated.

In “a distributed regional outbreak, and unclear chains of Infection” should be re-introduced restrictions. “These measures must be maintained until the value is at least 7 days under the steps” is meant the 50 – infections.


Nothing to remember or respiration – why are the gradients in the Covid-19 so different?

What happens, if that helps anything?

At the latest, “if the number continues to rise and there is no certainty that the chains of Infection have been extensively interrupted,” should not be necessary movements in the affected areas and out of them is limited. How extensive the restrictions, is likely to be a situation-dependent. “To say it clear: The County is not in quarantine”, has made it clear the district administrator of the Ostthüringer district of Greiz, Martina Schweinsburg (CDU), already. It refers to the fact that not the entire County is equally affected by the outbreak, but especially the two towns of Greiz and Zeulenroda-Triebes.

How do you respond to the dramatic number of new Corona-proof in the counties?

In the circle of Greiz – the Region with the nation’s highest rate of new infections – are affected by the information, especially in nursing homes. Last weekend was carried out, therefore, a mass of test, the numerous infections brought in residents and staff to light. Are affected six nursing homes and a geriatric clinic. So, the state planned relaxed Visit in the Old – and nursing homes for the County to fail. Loose, there could be still payments for the catering. Schweinsburg said recently that, otherwise people would Dodge in the neighboring counties or States.

After the identification of over 100 new infections in a slaughterhouse in Coesfeld in the Münsterland the state government in North Rhine-ordered-Westphalia, all meat establishments must test in the country of your employees. The affected farm had to adjust its work for the time being. The localized outbreak but it has consequences for the whole circle. Several for the next Monday provided the loosening of the protection measures will be a week on the 18. May moved. For schools and daycares for Monday’s planned opening of the steps likely to be implemented against it.

Who keeps the number of new infections in sight?

The data on suspected cases, and infection with the Coronavirus come from the public health offices on-site. These also take care of the protection against infection. No later than the next working day you go to the competent land authority and from there to the Robert Koch-Institute, the the infection happen in Germany in the views. That is to say: The latest Figures on the basis of which policy to decide, only the counties themselves.

What the country now?

As with previous agreements in the corona crisis, the lawyers are now on it. You need to translate political agreements into concrete regulations or instructions, that the decisions of the authorities to get a legal basis. They are expected to support, according to the County tags on the infection protection act.

In Thuringia, about the state government wants to decide on Tuesday a new regulation and the local authorities much of the responsibility for the further relaxations of the Corona-restrictions. The pushes in which, however, on criticism. “So, you leave the path of unity for good. Now almost anyone can do what he wants,” complained about Erfurt’s mayor Andreas Bausewein (SPD). He called for a framework in which the municipalities with their targets can move.

What about the chances of a holiday in Germany?

This clears up now. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example, opens to 25. May its borders to travelers from other Parts of Germany. With the end of the then approximately nine-week entry ban to the tourists a holiday on the Baltic sea for all German citizens again. However, Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) made it clear that for the protection of the own population and of the tourists people from the so-called high-risk areas continue to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania can come. The restriction relates to counties, which tear the upper limit of 50 new infections.

According to health Minister Harry Glawe (CDU), there will be no immigration controls, such as Easter. However, the operators of Hotels, guest houses or camping would be sensitized places. In the case of booking requests from affected regions, it was noted that arrival should not be made. “It basically say to us is not politically possible,” said Glawe and made it clear that there is no legally binding prohibition.

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