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Finally, a real summer! But the heat also has its shadow sides and can harm people, animals, plants, and equipment.

Fortunately, you can provisions. Five tips to get through the hot days.

1. Sun protection

The skin needs a lot of sun a lot of protection. This means that cream. A 1.80 Meter large adult requires a little more than three tablespoons of sun cream to his entire body to put the cream on.

The are 40 milliliters. Important: in the shadow of the protection application. In addition, The head cover and a pair of sunglasses to wear.

2. Hazard when walking the dog

Overheated Asphalt can blow in dogs, a Fire or swollen skin.

When the Asphalt is too hot, shows the Seven-second rule: dog owners for seven seconds in the back of your hand on the Asphalt.

This is too hot for the Hand, the same is true for the dog, so the animal welfare organization Four paws. Trips, therefore, in cool Morning or evening hours place.

3. Air conditioning not too cold

It is hot outside, should be the car to the fridge. The circuit could otherwise make after getting out of the problems.

The rule of thumb: no more than six degrees difference between Outdoor and indoor temperature. To do this, the Auto Club Europe (ACE) advises.

Children and animals should never leave in a car parked in the sun. The interior can develop to the heat of the case – life is in danger.

4. Smartphone in the pocket

Large heat power to modern devices, to create, and could diminish the performance of the battery permanently. Who is out there on the road, should not expose his Smartphone no longer in direct sunlight and it often times in the pocket.

A protective case could lead to a build-up of heat. At high temperatures the device from the case.

5. At night, the window on

On hot days Air is always worth it when it is cooler outside than inside. In hot periods it is at night and early in the Morning, cool enough for it.

However, one should not rely on his subjective impression, but rather to check the Outside and inside temperature with a Thermometer, advises the consumer advice center of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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