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The daily increase of new confirmed infection with the Coronavirus in China seems to have slightly stabilized, but is still very high. The number of contagions to put up Friday again to 3143.

So 31.161 virus cases have been confirmed, such as the health Commission, said in Beijing. It was the second day in a row, where there will be no more new infections were as on the previous day reported.

Within a day, and 73 patients died but back to the novel lung disease – as many as the previous day. In order for 636 deaths in China are already complaining.

If the new Numbers are already a continuing Trend in the infection is recognizable, seems to be open, since the statistics can also vary with the number of ongoing investigations. In addition, more than 26,000 suspected cases continue to be registered.

The course of the epidemic is to predict from the perspective of the world health organization (WHO) is also difficult to predict. Outside the most affected areas in Central China the situation in China seem to be relatively stable at the Moment, said WHO expert, Michael Ryan, in Geneva.

Another Corona case in the Federal Republic of

In Germany, there was the day before, a 13. Case. Alone eleven in connection with the Bavarian company Webasto, where employees had caught a colleague from China.

Also two were tested from China fledged returnees positive. The most recent virus detection comes from the 38-year-old wife of a patient from Bavaria, such as the Bavarian Ministry of health announced.

Also two children of the couple were attached to. In the case of the third child, an infant, was not detected the Virus so far.

Number of infections on cruise ship rising

Outside of mainland China, more than 270 infections and two deaths in more than two dozen countries confirmed.

Aboard a quarantined cruise ship, in Japan, a further 41 infections were found, such as the Japanese Ministry of health has announced.

Thus, the number increases to the ship on 61. The Affected individuals are taken to hospitals. The remaining of the total of 2666 passengers, about half of them Japanese, and the 1045 members of the Crew are up to 19. February to stay on Board.

According to new findings from the German Embassy for a further two German nationals on the “Diamond Princess” – so a total of ten. So far, no infection among the Germans is known.

Of the newly Infected 21, the Japanese are. About 120 passengers and crew members have shown symptoms such as cough and fever, reported the Ministry of health. An additional 153 had been in close contact with them.

To you, all the samples were taken.

Also in Hong Kong, a cruise ship with more than 1800 passengers and 1800 crew members. In the case of three people who had travelled in January with the “World Dream”, had been found to have the Virus.

Since the ship had since been created three times in Hong Kong, were asked an additional 5000 passengers, contact with the authorities if you feel well.

Out of fear of the Virus, also, the Art Basel Hong Kong, one of the most prestigious art fairs in Asia, cancelled. The organiser MCH Group justified the decision with various factors that “are all a consequence of the spread of the Coronavirus”.

Including the concern for the health and safety of employees and visitors, as well as the “huge logistical challenges” in the Transport of works of art and the building.

The fair should be from the 19. to 21. March to take place in the port of metropolis.

Doctor warns of corona virus and die from it

In China, there was a prominent victim: The eyes of doctor Li Ruifeng, the on 30. December had warned of the Virus, died on Thursday evening.

All efforts to save him were in vain, reported the Central Hospital of Wuhan. “We deeply regret it and mourn.”

Li Ruifeng and the other seven participants in an Online discussion group of practitioners were in the store after warning by the police and was shown a yellow card.

Also, you had to sign that they reveal nothing more about the outbreak. Later, the doctor himself infected in a patient.

The Federal government wants to get back to the other German and their families from the hard-hit metropolis of Wuhan. Corresponding information of the ‘mirror’ confirmed the Foreign office of the German press Agency.

According to the ‘mirror’ are located in the Region of around 20 German. You may want to travel in a machine that is supposed to fly out on the weekend, a group of British.

For the 14-day quarantine they should be according to the ‘mirror’ in a clinic in Berlin-Köpenick housed.

Germans are not afraid of the Coronavirus

The majority of Germans are not afraid of the new Coronavirus. Nine out of ten (89 percent) is the concern that you or family members are infected, less large or small, as a survey by Infratest dimap for the ARD Germany trend.

Only every Tenth, this concern is not large (7 percent) or very large (3 percent). Four out of five (82 percent) are of the opinion that the authorities and health institutions in Germany, had the Situation all in all under control.

Meanwhile, China’s state advised and prudence’s party chief Xi Jinping, referring to the world health organization WHO. The fight against the spread of the Virus was in a “decisive Phase”.

In a telephone conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump, he referred to information from state media to the fact that the WHO had explicitly warned other countries against an over-reaction.

He hoped that the United States “view of calm” the situation and their actions as a response to it “adequately” met and adapted to. The US had imposed a week ago, a ban on entry for Chinese and foreigners that were in China.

China had criticized the spell several times as a Overreaction.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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