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On the road the curtains, the dark is too noisy, the bedroom is not right and in my head the thoughts are buzzing around again in an uncontrolled manner.

There are many factors that bring to the important and well-deserved night’s rest. However, at a aspect many people often think more is less: The temperature in the bedroom.

Especially in the summer, this is noticeable if you look again, restlessly, from one side to the other wälzst and tried the body by the constant Flipping of the pillow cool.

The natural cycle of the body

This insomnia could be easily avoided by the proper regulation of the ambient temperature.

Indeed, the heat in the bedroom is essential, and the night affects sleep in the same way, such as brightness does.

This is because the temperature has an influence on the circadian rhythm, which determines, among other things, the sleep-Wake cycle.

“The body temperature affects the way the body for the sleep-driving phase down considerably,” explains the Deputy Director of the grant for sleep medicine at the Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Rajkumar Dasgupta, opposite the Portal of the ‘SELF’.

Better sleep in a cool room

“If you lay down to Sleep, cools the body, and when you Wake up, heats up again”, says the expert. During sleep the body temperature drops to a few degrees.

“This depends on the production and release of Melatonin. A hormone produced in the brain and the body during Sleep helps,” says Dr. Dasgupta.

For this reason, experts recommend the room for a good night’s sleep to cool off.

“It is helpful to have a cooler room, as the natural core temperature of the body decreases during sleep,” says the assistant Professor of neurology and sleep medicine at the University of California Davis Health, Dr. Ajay C. Sampat.

“In a cooler environment to fall Asleep much easier.”

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The body in the REM sleep-sensitive

But it’s not just about possible to fall asleep quickly. Without the annoying interruptions of sleep is just as important.

A crucial role of the REM sleep, which takes place several times per night plays. Because during these phases the body is regulated in temperature is less.

This means that the heat of the room can affect the body more than usual – an interruption of sleep is more likely.

“A consistently cool room can help to restrict the temperature-induced Wake-up to a Minimum,” says Dr. Dasgupta.

The two experts agree: The best bedroom temperature is between 15.5 and 19.5 degrees.

All the factors in mind

But of course there are other factors to consider that can have an impact on your personal sleep needs.

“Sleep is very individual,” explains Dr Dasgupta. “Who freezes constantly anyway, it should not cool the bedrooms down.”

In addition, the environment was always dark and quiet, and the sleep time should be as constant as possible. Stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine before bedtime can also have a negative impact on the quality of sleep and should therefore be avoided.

Who is still awake all the time should make a Change of the temperature in the bedroom and in front of the sleeping time once properly ventilate.

Cornelia Bertram

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