The Ministry of health of North Rhine-Westphalia, confirmed on Thursday evening, 14 new infections with the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Thus, the number of people affected by the Virus will increase in NRW to 20.

Almost all of them come from the village of Gangelt, 12,000 inhabitants of the municipality in the district Heinsberg, at the border to the Netherlands. In the Region, the DPA news Agency, according to news meanwhile, an estimated now around 1000 people under a 14-day home quarantine. Particularly problematic: The couple from Gangelt, in which the Virus was first detected, had visited the local carnival meeting, with a further 300 to 400 guests – and the infection in the same way, possibly unwittingly passed on. The authorities have not made the “patient Zero” that has caused the outbreak in NRW, still find.

Municipality of Gangelt on lockdown due to a Coronavirus?

So what to do? The municipality or the Region concerned, in accordance with Italian model seal off, it is currently not an issue with the authorities. The had made it clear the Minister of health, Jens Spahn on Monday. “Up to a complete Lockdown of entire cities, there are also many intermediate stages,” said the CDU politician. Necessary such a step was not.

The agreed also the head of the Robert Koch-Institute, Lothar Wieler, in. He said this on Monday in the ZDF”heute Journal”: “the quarantine of entire towns, I can’t imagine that in Germany.” The people would then have to be with food and water, but also with medical aid supplies. It was in a quarantine area is very difficult. Spahn but he also stressed that concrete measures are best assessed on site and should be decided – and since Monday a lot has changed.

Virus outbreak

Pharmacist about Corona: "You deserve to fear the Leute"

“The streets are empty of people”

On Thursday evening, the Landrat of the Kreis Heinsberg related in a special broadcast on RTL position to a potential Complete closure: “man can not bring all public life to a Standstill, otherwise we have a problem of Supply,” said Stephan Pusch (CDU) during the sitting of the local crisis unit. The setting of the Public transport system would be, for example, “one of the last measures”.

When, however, the schools and nurseries open again, had not yet been finally settled. Numerous events in the Region were canceled, according to the “Aachener Zeitung” already, even without official order. Anyway, the district relies on the self-responsibility of citizens. “The streets are empty of people. I think not only the people in quarantine and stay home and, I believe, the other have at the Moment also not in the mood to go in front of the door.” And: “I do not place any a policeman in front of the door.”

Normally, the Virus is spread through droplets, for example, by means of Coughs, Sneezes, or Touching contaminated surfaces followed by contact with the mouth, the nose or the eyes. Some precautions can help to reduce the likelihood of infection. These include:

More for prevention, you can read here.

However, The lockdown of entire communities is also in Germany, in principle, possible. “If it is required, can also be important fundamental rights such as freedom of Person, freedom of Assembly, freedom or inviolability of the home, as well as the right to physical integrity is restricted”, explained, for example, a spokesman for the Bavarian Ministry of health of the DPA. This is based on the national infection protection act. But: “Again, the principle of Proportionality”, the Bayreuth state law Stephan Rixen applies. “The measures may not be in the blue hit, they have personnel-wise, spatially and temporally determined and limited.”

The Statements of the officials and experts make it clear: closures particularly of the spread of the Coronavirus-affected towns or regions are currently, but can be Ultima Ratio and would be enforced by the health and safety authorities. Health Minister Spahn and interior Minister, Seehofer (CSU) had its press conference on Thursday no doubt.

Sources: Ministry of health of North-Rhine Westphalia, County Heinsberg, ZDF-“heute Journal”, RTL-special, “Aachener Zeitung”, infection protection law, the DPA news Agency

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